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Ananda Lewis, host of BET's Teen Summit and Howard University graduate

Maybe it was because there was this surging of our music, so there was a platform to get onto. And maybe it was just because we were this generation who had lived through seeing like the Gulf War and the reality of life was clarifying itself for us.

- Ananda Lewis (B.A. '95) former MTV veejay and BET's Teen Summit host
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History & Heritage Inside Homecoming Sunday's Call to Chapel

Homecoming Sunday 2023

History & Heritage Inside Homecoming Sunday's Call to Chapel

Each Homecoming, Howard students and alumni unite to produce one of Rankin Chapel’s most popular services. 

As an undergraduate, Rev. Bernard L. Richardson, Ph.D. (B.A. ’75) says he and his classmates viewed the Andrew Memorial Rankin Chapel as the nucleus of Howard University, a gathering space for both their social activism and spiritual renewal.

Richardson has now witnessed firsthand the impact of Rankin Chapel on the University community for more than 50 years.

“The Chapel has always been that centering place at Howard.” Richardson says.

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