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The Dig is Howard University’s central hub for campus news and stories created by the Office of University Communications (OUC). Here, you’ll find everything you need to stay informed and feel connected to HU and the community-shapers, history-makers, and world-changers of our community.

This is where Bison – past, present and future – can get down with the happenings of Howard, no matter where you are in the world.  

The Dig is where we build the Howard community to make it even stronger, more inclusive, more cohesive and more collaborative. We have a grand vision for the heights that Howard can reach when we share stories about the great things Bison do on our campus and beyond. 

The Dig is a collaborative space where all people are invited to come and share their stories.

Anybody is welcome to pick up a shovel and dig into the fertile ground of the Hilltop to help us dig up HU’s hidden treasures. We are especially eager to collaborate on stories with Howard faculty and staff. 

With 155 years of history, more than 12,000 current students, and hundreds of thousands of alumni dispersed all over the globe, there are endless opportunities for both readers and writers to uncover cool, exciting new stories! 

We’ve got a lot of great content in store for you, and we hope you “dig it” as much as we do. 

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