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  • Supporting Unit: Human Resources

We have identified a technical issue in the staff performance evaluation process and will need to rescind and restart the evaluations on Wednesday, May 25 at 12 pm. All staff members who have started or completed any portion of their review will lose their current work when the evaluation is restarted. Please take note of the following action steps to save a copy of the responses you have entered into the system.  

For Staff who Have Started the Review Process:  

Please follow these instructions to print or save a PDF copy of the review or save it to your computer. Once you have a PDF, you can then copy and paste the information into Workday after the process restarts Wednesday, May 25.  

If you need support or can’t find your data please email hrservices@howard.edu.

For Staff who Have Not Started the Review Process:  

We encourage you to wait until after May 25 to begin the review process. You are welcome to go into your Workday inbox and familiarize yourself with the template but do not enter any information until after next Wednesday, May 25. 

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience but are here to support employees with the review process. We will host open office hours on May 23, May 24, and May 25 at 10 am to support you in this transition. You can join by clicking here. If you need additional information email hrservices@howard.edu.