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DC Water is currently in the process of its regular maintenance and cleaning program for its city-wide water distribution system. Full details about that program can be found here, but we are writing to you today to update you about changes you may have noticed with water over the last week.

Additives used in the maintenance program may give water a smell or taste that is consistent with increased levels of chlorine. Water officials have advised city residents that to remove distinct taste or smell, simply run water for at least two minutes prior to use. Running the water should increase to 10 minutes if the pipes have not been used for several hours. 

When possible, filters may be used but are not required to provide additional treatment for water used in drinking, cooking, or bathing. With or without filtration, the water in all campus academic and residential facilities is safe to use. 

It is important to note that the University has no role in this treatment program, and is not separate from the water distribution networks used throughout the District. The maintenance program in no way lowers or jeopardizes water quality for consumption or regular use. It is tested regularly by city officials and environmental safety agencies. The chemical used in the treatment is not harmful to humans or non-aquatic animals. 

For more information or questions, DC Water encourages residents to contact the agency by calling the Drinking Water Division at (202) 612-3440 Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., or the 24-Hour Emergency Command Center (202) 612-3400.