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Dear Howard University Community,   

We are deeply disturbed by recent bomb threats made against Howard University and other historically Black colleges and universities. As a mecca of the Black community in Washington, D.C., and beyond, we take all threats of violence seriously and refuse to turn a blind eye to racially motivated acts of hate.
These threats are meant to incite fear within our community, particularly at a time dedicated to celebrating our vast innovations, contributions and achievements. However, we have the platforms, tools and resources to overcome, to circumvent and to persevere against these threats of violence. Please be reassured that our Department of Public Safety has rigorous protocols to vet and diffuse threats to our community, including protocols before allowing our University to return to normal operations. We strongly encourage everyone to read the recent communications from the department of public safety and administrators outlining measures currently in place to protect our community and resources for mental health support, which include:

We are grateful to our faculty, staff and students for the perseverance they have all displayed during such challenging circumstances. We remain thankful to the Howard University administration for their ongoing service to our institution and commend the president for focusing on our community’s mental health during these challenging times. Finally, we are indebted to our first responders who put themselves at risk to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our entire campus community. None of what we achieve as a University would be possible without each and every individual taking their personal responsibilities seriously and acting in the best interest of those around them. 
There is no place for the invocation of fear or threats of violence within and beyond the walls of our campus. Let us rededicate ourselves to creating a culture of civility at Howard University and coming together as a community to banish hate from our midst and from the world around us.  

Excellence in Truth and Service, 
Howard University Board of Trustees