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Dear Howard University Employees,

We are excited to support your journey to begin or further your education or that of your eligible dependents. The Office of Human Resources will begin accepting Summer 2024 Tuition Remission Applications on Monday, April 15, 2024, for the Summer 2024 sessions I and II. In accordance with the Office of the Registrar’s general registration timeline, the deadline to submit applications is May 10, 2024

Please take a moment to review the Tuition Remission Job Aid for guidance on submitting your Summer 2024 application and required documents through Workday. The job aid explains the application process and necessary supporting documentation. 

Key points to note 

  • Only employees can submit tuition remission requests in Workday for their dependents. 

  • Deadline for submitting tuition remission requests via Workday is May 10, 2024

  • Ensure all required documents are submitted through Workday with your application. 

  • Applications without the necessary documentation will not be approved. 

Required documents with your tuition remission request

  • For employees: Completed tuition remission application and unofficial transcript (previous semester's transcript for ongoing students; acceptance letter for new students). 

  • For eligible dependents: Completed tuition remission application, copy of birth certificate, unofficial transcript (previous semester's transcript for ongoing students; acceptance letter for new students). Birth certificate and acceptance letter are required only for the first-time submission for dependents. 

Please note that eligibility is determined based on academic standing from your Spring 2024 transcript. We will assess your eligibility based on this information. 

Graduate Course Tax Exemption  
 The Tuition remission benefit for graduate-level courses is subject to federal imputed income tax once it exceeds $5,250 per calendar year. This means that you can enjoy tax-free tuition benefits up to the specified limit of $5,250 for each calendar year.  

It is crucial to know that any tuition remission amount exceeding $5,250 will be considered gross income and subject to taxes. This amount will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as part of your overall earnings. Importantly, this will be reflected on your W2 form, seamlessly added to your personal salary, and will not alter the structure of your actual paycheck. 

FAFSA Requirement 
Howard University requires all students to submit a FAFSA (for domestic students) or an ISFAA (for international students) before the Office of Financial Aid can process any merit or awards, including tuition remission. This ensures fair distribution of university aid. Complete the FAFSA at www.studentaid.gov (School Code: 001448). For financial aid application questions, email finaid@howard.edu.

Reminder: Please submit all completed applications and required supporting documents through Workday. Any documentation not submitted in Workday will not be processed. If you have questions about the tuition remission policy or application process, please reach out to us at Benefits@howard.edu

In Truth and Service, 

Office of Human Resources 
Benefits Department