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Student parking registration for the Fall 2023 semester will open on Monday, August 28, 2023. Students wishing to secure campus parking must register for spaces during this time. Registration will begin at 2 pm on Monday and conclude on Wednesday, August 30, at 5 pm or until all permits are exhausted.  

Several lots are available to choose from during student parking registration.

  • Banneker South Lot (2345 Sherman Avenue NW; located behind Trellis House, across from Howard Plaza Towers East Residence Hall)
  • Howard Center Lot (2235 8th Street NW; located across from the Howard University Bookstore);
  • Drew Lot (511 Harvard Street NW; located behind Drew Residence Hall); and
  • College of Nursing and Allied Health Lot (801 N. Capitol NW; CNAHS students only)  

Students residing in the Howard Plaza Towers East and West Residence Halls and Bethune Annex must contact their administrative offices for parking registration. The Office of Parking and Transportation Services does not manage registration for underground parking at East Towers, West Towers, or the Bethune Annex.

Payment Method  

A permit fee of $680 will be added to students’ Fall 2023 tuition bill. No payments are due at the time of registration.  

Permit Distribution

The permit distribution will be held at Blackburn University Center, front lobby, August 29- August 30, 2023. Students are required to present their Bison One Card and valid vehicle registration (copies are accepted).  

Registration Instructions

  1. Visit  https://howard.t2hosted.com
  2. Click “get permits” and follow the prompts.  
  3. Enter login ID: Your student ID number (located on your student ID card; ex: @########).  
  4. Enter password: Your student ID number (located on your student ID card; ex: @########).
  5. Change your password when prompted.  
  6. Log in again using your student ID and new password.

Your username will always be your student ID number with an “@” symbol. A permit registration tutorial is available on our online parking portal (https://howard.t2hosted.com).  

For more information, questions, or concerns about student parking registration for the Fall 2023 semester, please contact us at  parking@howard.edu.