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Our Spring into Fitness Activity Challenge is on! During this fitness activity challenge, participants will work their way along a virtual route of national parks, ending at the Smithsonian Museum, by tracking your steps or activity each day. Push yourself harder each day and see what fitness goals you can achieve!  

Visit the Employee Wellness Hub to join the challenge or create an account. Once you log in, you may view the challenge. Please review the Spring into Fitness Activity Challenge rules and tracking data. 

Please carefully read the following challenge information:  

  • Participants will join the challenge as individuals. 

  • Track steps and/or minutes of activities by logging into the challenge site and using the trackers in the “track data” tab or by linking a wearable device. If you want to track data on your smart phone, you can also download the app. 

  • Track data up to seven calendar days in the past if needed. Entries beyond seven calendar days from the activity completion date will be flagged for review and will only be permitted if approved by the challenge administrator. 

Please use the honor system when tracking your activities. 

A third-party group is monitoring entries and will flag entries that are extremely large or backdated too far. 

Employees can track steps and activities during the challenge in the following ways: 

  • Use the “enter steps” widget to enter steps from a pedometer or a smart phone manually. 

  • Use the “activities” widget to enter the minutes that you participate in your favorite fitness activities. Activity minutes are converted to steps automatically. 

  • Link your Fitbit or other wearable device to the challenge and your steps will be entered automatically when you log in. 

  • Download the Employee Wellness Hub App (EWH) and enter data or track steps with your phone’s motion sensor or link your iPhone health kit (Apple Watch) or Google Fit app. 


  • Employees can earn virtual medals for completing individual step goals. 

  • Bronze medal: average 6,000 steps a day (168,000 steps). 

  • Silver medal: average 8,000 steps a day (224,000 steps). 

  • Gold medal: average 10,000 steps a day (280,000 steps). 


Participants will be entered in a raffle to win a $25 e-gift card.  

If you have technical difficulties or need help resetting your password, please email wellnesschallenges@healthfairsplus.com. You can also reach Health Fairs Plus by using the “contact us” button in the upper left corner on the wellness hub.