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Spring 2022 Medical Holds and Registration Updates

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Dear Bison Community,

As you know, registration starts Monday, October 31. To ensure you have a smooth process, please check your account to make sure you do not have a medical hold. If you do have a medical hold, please log into med+proctor to see what is required.

Please keep in mind that the vaccination requirement for Howard is to be fully immunized and boosted.

For students who have not received a booster, please do so as soon as it is due.

  • Your medical hold lift was temporary and will automatically come back on your account when the booster is due.
  • You will not be able to register with a medical hold. You will also not be able to move into the residence halls unless you are up to date. To ensure a smooth transition:

Get your booster when it is due.

  • If you have Pfizer or Moderna, the booster is due at least 5 months after the second vaccine in the primary series.
  • If you have Johnson & Johnson, the booster is due at least 2 months after the initial vaccine.

Upload your information to med+proctor.

  • Notify student health by emailing studenthealthforms@howard.edu you have completed the series.
  • Check your account prior to registration to see if you have a medical hold. If so, log on to med+proctor for information regarding the hold. Once you have completed the requirements your hold should be lifted within 72 business hours.

If you have any questions, please email studenthealthforms@howard.edu or call us at 202-806-7540.


Have a safe and health rest of your semester.


Excellence in Truth and Service,

The Student Health Center