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As is customary at this time of the year, Physical Facilities Management (PFM) is preparing for colder seasonal temperatures. We are now at the stage of our HVAC changeover cycle where steam will be distributed throughout all buildings for heating. The process will be completed by Tuesday, October 25.
As a reminder, weather in the Fall and Spring can fluctuate between unseasonably warmer or cooler temperatures within days. In most facilities on campus, HVAC cannot be converted between air conditioning and heating without significant adjustments. To best predict the optimal time for seasonal conversion in the Fall, the PFM staff tracks the 14-day average for high and low temperatures. When the average high falls to the mid-50s and the average low falls to the mid-40s, we begin the seasonal changeover process.
This major operational change is resource-intensive and has a significant impact on equipment, so it must only be performed once per season.
What can I do if I’m too hot or cold?
Some individuals may experience discomfort with the temperature settings during the transitional weeks in the Spring and Fall while weather patterns are stabilizing. Adjusting one’s attire is recommended. Please be advised that individual air conditioning and heating units are prohibited in University facilities, and exterior doors and interior fire doors should never be kept ajar.
If you are experiencing extreme temperatures or HVAC units are not working properly in your office, classroom, or living space, please submit a facilities management work order by clicking this link.
We thank you for your understanding and patience during our conversion.
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Physical Facilities Management (PFM)