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Dear Howard University Community, 

The primary function of a university is to discover and disseminate knowledge by means of research, experience, and teaching. To fulfill this function, a free interchange of ideas is necessary, not only within the campus setting, but also with the larger society. As such, here at Howard University, we believe peaceful assembly is an appropriate means of expression within our community. 

The University respects the right to engage in peaceful assemblies for all students, faculty, and staff who comprise our dynamic academic community. Nonetheless, these assemblies must also provide clearance for others to safely engage in the educational process, access their campus residential spaces, and utilize University services. 

To that end, our Peaceful Assembly Policy sets forth Howard University’s procedures related to permissible peaceful assemblies. Please ensure that you have reviewed the Policy to understand your rights and responsibilities. 

Since our chartering, thought leaders and change advocates choose Howard University as their platform to speak on issues impacting communities domestically and globally. We also encourage our students and campus community to engage in constructive dialogue. We hope our community feels both safe enough to express themselves and understand the need to respect the views of others – even when those views may differ from their own. 

We thank you in advance for adhering to our Peaceful Assembly Policy.