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Howard University Responds to Adjunct and Temporary Faculty Demonstrations

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  • Supporting Unit: Office of the Provost

Throughout our negotiations with the union representing adjunct and temporary faculty (SEIU), we have remained diligent in our engagements with union representation and consistent in our efforts to reach an agreement. Our commitment to a peaceful bargaining process has not changed, and we will continue advancing good faith efforts to reach an agreement with the union and address the needs of adjunct and non-tenure track faculty and the University.

As with all institutions of higher learning, at Howard, we navigate a complex set of priorities each year in order to fulfill our mission of serving students. Our faculty have a longstanding dedication to developing the next generation of leaders, and we value their work. We have continued to make progress in ensuring our esteemed faculty have adequate support and resources while maintaining the highest quality of education possible for our students.

Some of our continued efforts to support Howard faculty include:

  • Non-Union Faculty Pay Raises: In January 2022, over 600 Howard faculty received raises to meet the median salary of faculty at our peer institutions. While this did not impact union faculty because of the union’s exclusive right to negotiate compensation for its members, eligible non-union faculty did receive salary increases as well as eligible full-time non-tenured faculty. As we continue negotiations with the faculty union in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement, we have made proposals for wage increases for union faculty and continue to bargain in good faith.
  • Investing in our Employees’ Future: Last year, Howard invested an additional $80 million dollars from the University endowment to fully fund the faculty retiree plan.
  • Avoiding Pandemic Layoffs: During the pandemic, Howard took the necessary steps to avoid group layoffs and furloughs, and we continued our commitment to providing free health insurance coverage for every staff member who earns less than $35,000 per year.
  • Faculty Development: All faculty benefit from faculty development efforts provided through the Office of Faculty Development in the Office of the Provost. This includes training programs, workshops, development sessions, etc.

Howard faculty play a vital role in our community. We will continue working together with our faculty to ensure their success and the success of Howard students.