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Howard University Formalizes Agreement with Non-Tenure Track and Adjunct Faculty

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Dear Howard University Community,

Howard University and the Service Employees International Union (“SEIU”), Local 500, the union representing both the adjunct faculty and non-tenure track faculty, formalized two three-year agreements that provide an equitable and sustainable solution to significantly support adjunct and non-tenure track faculty. There are about 350 represented adjunct and full-time non-tenure track faculty currently employed at the University.
Among the changes to the adjunct agreement, the successor agreement provides market pay increases for each of the three years of the contract and an enhancement for notification and of preferential consideration in filling full-time lecturer openings at the University.
The non-tenure track faculty agreement, the first collective bargaining agreement between the University and its non-tenure track faculty, provides market increases over the three-year term of the agreement and term appointment progression. The term appointment progression achieves both parties’ goals of providing a level of security to the non-tenure track faculty, while also providing the University with operational flexibility.
We want to thank both negotiation teams for their work and tireless efforts in achieving a framework that reaches our shared goals.