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Municipal and federal weather service agencies have elevated their projections for severe weather to a tornado watch for the Washington metropolitan area beginning at 4pm this afternoon. 

In consultation with our city-based partner safety agencies and with feedback from our on-campus offices, Howard University will close at 3:30 pm in preparation for severe weather in the area. This decision follows our operational standard of prioritizing the safety of students, employees, and guests at all times. 

While we know this may create inconvenience for students and families traveling to the campus from domestic and international points of origin, we are in concert with the actions of federal agencies and other areas colleges and universities which are all closing early this afternoon.

Students and families who arrive to the campus during the severe weather event will be allowed to shelter safely in their respective designated residence halls until the event has ended but will not be allowed to carry items to rooms during the storm. Bison who are unable to move in today will be properly accommodated early tomorrow morning.

We ask all students and guests to prepare for extended sheltering during the course of the storm activity, which will significantly limit foodservice access and delivery, ride sharing, and transit availability throughout the city until 9 pm. We encourage all community members to avoid traveling around campus and surrounding areas during this weather event. Please stay clear of construction areas and temporary fences, watch out for flying debris and avoid trees with loose branches and unsecured structures and equipment. 

Researchers should complete or properly save any experiments planned for work tomorrow. As local power outages are possible, employees should save any unsaved documentation. You are also asked to power down or unplug any sensitive or key equipment or other devices that may be impacted by a surge in power. 

We know you have many questions regarding this campus closure and invite you to email hucares@howard.edu for any special inquiries related to this emergency management plan. For more information or to submit a campus safety concern, please contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 202-806-1100. 

We will continue to monitor the forecasts and provide necessary updates on any operational or schedule changes. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this severe weather activity and response protocol.