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Dear Howard University Community,

Welcome home to all returning Bison and to the greatest time of year for all students and especially our first-year students.

This will be our first celebration in several years without many public health restrictions we have observed to facilitate important events safely. Our family, friends, and guests will have substantial access to many of our buildings and virtually all areas of the open campus, in addition to our athletic complex and designated gathering areas.

Making memories safely should be the highest priority for everyone throughout the entire week.

Our department has been preparing for homecoming for many months. We expect to welcome more people to the campus than we have in the last three years, and we know that most will arrive with good intentions. Rest assured that if you encounter any individual engaging in any behavior that is or could become harmful to themselves or others, our uniformed officers and partnering security vendors will be well-positioned to engage, mediate and remove threats from the campus.

You will also notice our municipal and federal public safety partners on campus this weekend. The Metropolitan Police Department, U.S. Capitol Police, and D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency will assist with monitoring and preventative efforts for any potential large-scale threats or incidents. 

There are things that you can do as well. Please review the following safety precautions that you can take to limit your risk of exposure to criminal activity during what is planned to be an entertaining weekend.

Be responsible. Fun is a priority during Homecoming, but safety should remain your number one priority.

Have a plan. Designated drivers, locations and activities should all be planned before leaving your house or residence hall.

Stick together. Do not go out without your friends, especially at night. Take care of the people in your group and aim to return with the people with whom you leave.

Be aware of stranger danger. Meeting new people is nice, but some do not have good intentions. A conscious person makes for a safe person.

Protect the things you value. Lock your car and room, watch your valuables, and be aware of what’s going on around you. Protect your belongings and pay close attention to your surroundings.

Be careful with alcohol consumption. If you are legally authorized to drink, avoid binge drinking and stay sober.

Remember to be Bison Safe. Bison Safe is the official safety app for Howard University; you can report incidents to keep the campus and yourself safe.

Always have your Peace of Mind (POM) device with you. Keep it charged and accessible in case you encounter an emergency

On behalf of the men and women in the Department of Public Safety, we thank you for your partnership in keeping our campus safe and secure. Remember that it takes a Bison to be accountable for the protection of our home and all of the people who share it.


Excellence in Truth and Service,


Marcus Lyles

Executive Director for Safety and Security

Chief of Police