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Federal and local law enforcement agencies have issued a standing alert for the Washington metropolitan area in advance of expected protests in the region. Convoys of professional truck drivers and protestors are expected to arrive in the area in the coming days in advance of the State of the Union address, scheduled for Tuesday, March 1.  

Officials expect higher-than-usual traffic volume to disrupt travel throughout the 495 Capital Beltway and Interstate 95 corridor for an undetermined amount of time. There are no organizers or permitted areas cleared for public assembly, which may result in pockets of demonstrations spread throughout the city and region.  

The University intends to maintain regular operations and class schedules during this time but will continue to monitor this ongoing situation and will adjust operations if the situation calls for us to do so. We are working with the Metropolitan Police Department and D.C. National Guard to support increased patrolling in our area ahead of expected protestor arrivals.  

We encourage community members to monitor credible news sources and the Metropolitan Police Department for updates about this demonstration. Employees are encouraged to plan ahead by speaking with managers and supervisors about telework options for the next two weeks. Researchers with oversight of animals and chemicals should make plans for continuity of care and safety in the event that offices and facilities are inaccessible.  

Students who plan to participate in the protests or counterdemonstrations are advised to avoid direct engagement or confrontation with other protestors. We support peaceable assembly and advocacy for social justice in America, and want to ensure you are aware that peaceful protests can change their trajectory at any time. Prior to joining any protest, please have a safety and exit plan in place.

Please download the Bison SAFE app to receive instant updates regarding status changes to University operations or academic schedules. We will continue to update you as soon as new information and details become available.