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Tuesday was another addition to a growing chronology of days where we simply don't know what to say. For those of us charged with the love, protection, and comfort of young children, it is an exercise to find words to explain unspeakable horror that occurred in Uvalde, Texas.

As a community of higher learning, we have a unique privilege and distinct burden in these moments of national tragedy. We are the catalyst for producing the elected officials, first responders, counselors, educators, therapists, researchers, spiritual leaders, and so many others who must help heal families and neighborhoods experiencing immense grief. At the same time, we are people who also grieve and experience fear, and can be traumatized by the images and accounts of these senseless acts.

The Howard community is in mourning with the rest of the world, but I know that it remains in service even in these difficult days and those which are ahead. I am comforted by the fact that while heartbroken, these events also encourage Bison to dig deeper into the work of solving complex problems that contribute to violence in all forms. Our department and all of its sworn members are dedicated to restoring some element of confidence in the safety that should surround learning and working in all spaces throughout this nation.

In light of Tuesday's school shooting and out of an abundance of caution, our community may see an additional presence of public safety officials on campus in the coming days. To be clear, there have been no threats against the University or any of its facilities. This measure is being taken to help relieve the anxiety of many students, faculty, and staff doing the mental work of navigating shock and solace.

We also encourage all community members seeking support through counseling or therapy to contact the University Counseling Center at 202-806-6870 or via email at HUCounseling@howard.edu for an appointment. Howard University employees have access to mental health services through our insurance provider.

We will get through this moment together.

Excellence in Truth and Service,

Marcus Lyles
Department of Public Safety Executive Director and Chief of Police