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Dear Howard University Leaders,

We are thrilled to announce the beginning of the staff performance evaluation process for fiscal year 2023! This process is a critical step in understanding the contributions each staff member has made toward Howard University’s mission and strategic plan.

To start the 2022-2023 performance evaluation cycle, we want to ensure that all existing reporting structures are accurate and up to date for staff members to receive performance evaluations from their appropriate leaders. We have established a centralized channel for submitting reporting structure request changes, such as adding a new team member, transferring an employee to a different department, or modifying reporting lines. Request changes can now be submitted to hrbp@howard.edu. This designated email address will serve as the point of contact for any reporting structure change request.

Leaders can also access the default report titled “My Direct Reports” by typing this into the search bar on their Workday homepage. This report will list all existing staff members that are currently reporting to each leader. CLICK HERE FOR THE JOB AID DESCRIPTION

The My Direct Reports templates can also be used as a reference point in submitting reporting structure to changes to hrbp@howard.edu for processing. When submitting a request, please also make certain you:

- Update the downloaded My Direct Reports templates with the necessary reporting structure change request intended.

- Clearly explain the reasons for the proposed changes, as well as provide any additional context that would assist our HR team in evaluating and processing the request efficiently.

- If applicable, attach any supporting documentation, such as transfer letters, promotion requests, or change of department forms.

Our dedicated HR team will promptly review your submissions and take the necessary steps to implement the requested changes. Once the modifications have been successfully processed, you can expect to receive a confirmation notification. Should you have any questions or require assistance throughout this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of Talent Management, via hrbp@howard.edu. You may also contact your department’s dedicated Strategic Human Resources Business Partner for inquiries as well. We are here to provide guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition in the reporting relationship setup.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and your cooperation in verifying and updating your reporting structure. By doing so, we can guarantee that performance evaluations are conducted accurately, enabling us to make informed decisions and foster growth within the university.