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It is my great honor to welcome all first-year Bison and our new Bison families to Howard University, and to welcome back all returning Bison and alumni to the Yard. There is no bigger privilege than seeing the excitement of new scholars discovering this historic institution, and their new home city for these next important years of their lives.  

You will receive a lot of information about housing and facilities access over the next few days, but it is our highest priority to make sure that you are aware of the campus safety standards for our living and learning environment.  

These standards begin with your actual move-in date. Howard University is welcoming families from around the world over the course of several days, which means that everyone must be equipped to arrive on campus with patience and efficiency as the hallmarks of success.  

Officers from the Department of Public Safety and volunteering employees and students will be present to help everyone unload and download into rooms quickly. But 1,000 supportive Bison will never be an equal substitute for your own watchful eyes and engaged mindset.  

We encourage all families to observe the following best practices for move-in.  

  • Be responsible. Be certain that all financial records for housing placement are confirmed before arrival. 

  • Have a plan. Arrive early to be close to the residence hall for moving items. Avoid moving during evening hours whenever possible. 

  • Stick together. Do not leave your vehicle running, doors unlocked or windows down if no one in your party is available to stand watch over the vehicle. 

  • Protect the things you value. NEVER leave personal items such as keys, wallets, purses, or devices visible in unlocked cars. If you are taking items from a trunk, someone can open your car door while you are not looking. 

  • Remember to be Bison Safe. Only ask HUDPS officers or clearly identifiable residence life staff and volunteers for assistance. 

On behalf of the men and women in the Department of Public Safety, we thank you for your partnership in keeping our campus safe and secure. If you have any questions, HUDPS can be reached 24 hours a day at 202-806-1100. Our official campus safety app, Bison SAFE is available for free download on all traditional app stores. Apple Google 

Excellence in Truth and Service,  

Marcus Lyles,  

Executive Director of Campus Safety and Chief of Police