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While the conclusion of the academic year is traditionally dedicated to celebrating graduates and preparing for a new cohort of students joining our community, it is also a time for reflecting on the exceptional accomplishments of our employees. The success of our students, the capacity of our institution, and Howard's standing in the community can all be attributed to a committed and enthusiastic workforce.

This is particularly true at Howard, where so many of you join and stay with the University because you believe in its mission, and work to live out this ethos in your work and service.

Often what goes unnoticed in the steadiness of coming to work and embracing daily tasks is how those days add up to create a profile of longevity. Of our more than 2,900 employees, nearly 8 percent have served the University for 25 years or more. Today, we wish to salute our colleagues, friends and co-workers who have lent their best to our institution during that time and contributed to making Howard University a beacon of excellence among our peers.

Soon, our longstanding employees will be receiving a commemorative gift in the mail. Please update your mailing address in Workday to aid the Office of Human Resources in executing an accurate gifting process. A detailed list of employees being celebrated can be found here. 

Howard is a special place, in large part, because of the special commitment of our people. Thank you for your service and dedication, and for helping to grow this venerable institution into the academic powerhouse that it is today. We look forward to accomplishing so much more together.