Howard Magazine Launches New Website

Howard magazine cover with swimmer

The Office of University Communications recently unveiled the redesigned Howard Magazine website, a digital component to the award-winning alumni print publication.

The new digital version publishes the complete magazine in a user-friendly presentation, including enhanced features such as video, audio, stop-motion animation and links. The experience is designed to draw in readers and enable them to interact with the articles. Readers can also browse through past editions and PDFs of the actual print version.

The digital magazine is one of the recent new websites launched by the Office of University of Communications, which includes The Dig (the news and information website) and the Office of the President.

“The University has undergone many transformations in the past few years, and the new digital platforms allow us to communicate these changes in real time in an innovative way that mirrors the direction of the University,” said Frank Tramble, vice president of communications. “The magazine website is just another way to showcase Howard’s cutting-edge achievements.”

The new magazine website also allows readers who do not receive the print version to experience the magazine seamlessly, as if they were reading an enhanced version.

“The beauty of digital is that its possibilities are endless,” said Rin-rin Yu, editor-in-chief of Howard Magazine, calling the new magazine website a “three-dimensional version of the print magazine.” She added: “We wanted to make sure that the reader experience online is as immersive as the print version, if not more.”

The Spring/Summer issue of the magazine, slated to be released in June, will be the University’s first digital-only issue. The magazine’s Fall and Winter editions will be produced in both digital and print versions.