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WHUR Bomb Threat Update

WHUR exterior

Dear Howard University Community, 

Again, I am writing to thank you for participating in our collective response to another terroristic bomb threat. This is the third such threat of this academic year and the latest of many dating back to January 2022. I applaud Bison for their proficiency in emergency situational awareness and crisis management. The shelter-in-place at the WHUR/WHUT broadcast complex was addressed swiftly and thoroughly by the men and women of our Department and those in the Metropolitan Police Department. Our students and employees working to keep our radio and television networks on the air were uninterrupted and undeterred in their work.

Again, our community members were the catalysts for accurate information sharing and garnering support. We can only do our jobs effectively with you helping to provide details and context to those who may be listening to or watching you as a reliable source in physical and digital spaces. Thank you for helping us to focus on the big and small things that matter in keeping our community safe and free of distraction. 

As always, we encourage community members to observe the following tips as a guide for campus safety. 

  • Avoid isolated and dark areas.     
  • Carry your mobile phone and keep it accessible. Download the Bison S.A.F.E. mobile app to quickly and discreetly contact DPS in the event of an emergency.
  • Do not use doors marked as fire exits to prop open or obstruct them for unauthorized access.     
  • If you are approached, take note of the person’s appearance, clothing, and anything that will help to identify the subject.     
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity or suspicious individuals to the Howard University Police Department at 202-806-1100. Program this number into your mobile phone for quick access.   


Excellence in Truth and Service, 

Marcus Lyles

Executive Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police