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Top 5 Moments of HU 2022

Homecoming Parade Marching Band

#5 Fireside Chat with the Hill's

Watch as former Howard University Sports Information Director Ed Hill Jr. and his son, co-owner and curator of The Museum, Muhammad Hill, discuss growing up on Howard's campus, making a difference in the community, and nurturing future sports greats and sports newscasters and writers. 


#4 Pebble Beach Golf Tournament

Howard University hosted the Bison at the Beach Inaugural Golf Classic, a first-of-its-kind golf classic and fundraising event for the Howard University golf program. Joined by NBA champion Stephen Curry, members of the golf team, Howard alumni, members of the Board of Trustees, corporate sponsors and friends of the University, the two-day event that raised over $3 million in support of the golf program’s endowment.


#3 Chadwick A. Boseman Inaugural Graduating Class

The newly reestablished College of Fine Arts was named in honor of alumnus Chadwick Boseman, whose remarkable career as an actor, director, writer, and producer inspired millions around the world.


#2 Jordan partners with Howard

Howard University has welcome Jordan brand to the family. Together, Jordan Brand and Howard University aim to amplify the influence of HBCUs on collegiate sport and continued impact on cultural globally.


#1 Welcome to the Meccaverse

Howard University Homecoming is a time to celebrate all that Howard is, has been and will become. This year, Howard University dubbed the 2022 Howard University Homecoming “The Meccaverse,” a theme that honors the many generations who have contributed to the creation of the special universe we call Howard University.