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Financial Stability Through Howard Forward

Howard University Unveils Howard Forward

Every day across the University community, we are working hard to provide the best value to our students. We are thinking of ways to effectively grow the institution through increased enrollment, which will require the addition of faculty, innovative classroom space and increased housing for students.

Howard Forward is our forward trajectory and roadmap to guide the University towards a sustainable future through attainable aspirations. Our sustainability will be measured by our ability to execute consistently, communicate with transparency and operate with accountability, all while being good stewards of our resources. The crux of our success is our ability to sustain our collective and individual efforts to achieve what is outlined in this strategic plan.

When we evaluated the current University needs and the everchanging future needs, we needed a real-time roadmap to promote sustainable growth and smart uses of resources. Howard has dramatically improved our financial operating results. Since the implementation of Howard Forward, our Development & Alumni Relations teams have helped achieve historic philanthropic gifts to include our highest grossing Charter Day fundraiser and the highest net alumni giving rate.

But we want to sustain this growth. Achieve Financial Sustainability, Howard Forward’s fifth pillar, is our plan to create an environment where we improve – even more – our organizational financial performance and outcomes. 

As new opportunities emerge, we are reacting quickly to become stronger in our competitive position. A recent example is how two of our strategic planning pillars have come together to deliver in a meaningful way. We are excited about the $10 million gift from HPS Investment Partners, LLC (HPS) and The Kapnick Foundation to create the HPS Center for Financial Excellence, which will focus on helping students better prepare for careers in private investment and investment banking. Howard, through its School of Business, will prepare students to secure more in-demand jobs in an industry which traditionally few Black people participate. The School of Business, through our academic prioritization efforts (Howard Forward, pillar one: Enhance Academic Excellence), and Howard’s development team (Howard Forward, pillar five: Achieve Financial Sustainability) came together to secure a resource that meets many objectives of our Howard Forward plan.

We have to think strategically across departments, while also aligning and integrating units as needed, in order to sustain our progress and move the needle forward.

Rashad Young is the senior vice president and chief strategy officer