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Angela Carter Receives the 2022-2023 Winslow Sargeant Doctoral Award

Angela Carter.

WASHINGTON – Angela Carter, a Howard University Ph.D. student in personality psychology, has been selected as the 2022-2023 Winslow Sargeant Doctoral Award recipient by the Ronald W. Walters Leadership and Public Policy Center. The $10,000 award is open to Howard University doctoral students in the social sciences and humanities. 

A native of Philadelphia, Carter received a B.A. in Afro-American studies and a B.S. in psychology from Howard University. After graduation, she took a gap year and worked as a 5th-grade teacher in Brooklyn, New York, before returning to Howard in 2018 to begin work on her Ph.D. Her dissertation research is on the significance of Africana cultural meaning-making practices on processes of identity development among African Americans. Specifically, she is researching The Sound of Philadelphia’s (TSOP) historical legacy to sonically contextualize African Americans’ cultural identity development throughout the late 20th century.  

“As a recipient of the Winslow Sargeant Award, I am thrilled to have an opportunity to research the intellectual genealogy of Dr. Walters’ work and its significant impact on the trajectory of Black political movements and leadership strategies,” said Carter. “I look forward to learning more about Dr. Walters’ legacy as a premier educator and utilizing his brilliance to inform my pedagogy. After completing my Ph.D. in personality psychology, I intend to continue working in academia and researching processes of cultural identity development.” 

Although her dissertation research is not in Walters’ field of study, Carter is intrigued by the overarching theme of Walters’ scholarship – his examination of Black interests, political demands and concerns in the face of prevalent white nationalism. She serves as a teaching assistant in the Department of Afro American Studies and will use her work to “contribute to creating curricula to increase student engagement with Dr. Walters’ scholarship” and “online content.” 

Elsie Scott, Ph.D., director of the Ronald Walters Center, stated that Carter’s affiliation with the Walters Center and with the freshman seminar class directed by the Afro American Studies Department are especially significant since the center will be celebrating its 10th year this Fall. “I am looking forward to her helping us expose Dr. Walters’ work to more undergraduates and to increasing their participation in center-sponsored activities,” stated Scott. Greg Carr, Ph.D., her teaching assistant supervisor, complimented her efforts, stating, “Angela is developing into an activist scholar in the model of our ancestor and my friend and jegna, Ron Walters.”  

The Sargeant award is made possible by a gift from Winslow Sargeant, a former neighbor of Walters who wanted to provide financial support to new and continuing doctoral students as they prepare to undertake future research endeavors. Sargeant is the senior adviser for globalization and head of capital markets for Genaesis, and he served as chief counsel for advocacy at the Small Business Administration (SBA) during the Obama administration. 


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